We provide positive, reward based training for your dog, anywhere in Hong Kong

Dog training services for dogs and their people in Hong Kong.

Professionally qualified dog trainer Jill Eason specialises in positive reinforcement and reward based training for dogs and puppies of all ages and backgrounds.

Her Puppy Paw Up service will get you and your new puppy started with the skills and understanding you need for a life-long happy relationship.

If you have an older dog with specific behaviour issues, or perhaps a rescue dog who needs extra love and attention to restore her confidence in people Jill can help make the reationship happier and less stressful for both of you.

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The dog in the film…

I’m not sure when we will be seeing it in Hong Kong, but there is a new Warner Brothers’ film that has me at the same time really looking forward to seeing it, and very uncomfortable. The film is called

Surviving Lunar New Year with your pets

Just a little reminder for people living in areas where people will be celebrating Lunar New Year with fire crackers and fireworks tonight and over the next few days. Many animals find this very scary. Keep your pets inside and

My Big Brave Boy!

I just have to share this! I feel like a proud mother whose kid just said its first word! My dog Sam got his feet wet in the sea this morning, and didn’t freak out!!! He even lay at the