Private  training

Private training sessions are carried out in your home, and can address everything from basic obedience and tricks to behaviour issues.

Because each dog is unique, and each owner has their own goals and scheduling limitations, private training is tailored to your needs and those of your dog.

I help you get started and teach you the skills to train your dog, practice is required between sessions. By being involved in training, you will improve the bond with your dog.

Day training

Do you like the idea of a professional doing the hard work with your dog? Do you have limited time to spend on training? Then Day Training could be for you.

I come and work with your dog one-to-one 2 or 3 times a week, and meet with you at the end of the week to show what your dog has learned, and show you how and when to use Fido’s new skills.

This option can speed up the training process for busy people who don’t have the time to devote to training by themselves.

Private and day training start with a 90 minute behaviour analysis where we fully explore your dog’s routine, diet and behaviour to find out about any issues, pinpoint the areas we need to concentrate on, and ascertain the goals of the owner.

This way we know we are treating the root cause of any problems and not just the symptoms.

We will discuss day-to-day management strategies and how to go forward with trainng.


Behaviour Modification

Some problem behaviours can be dealt with fairly quickly while more serious issues may need to be worked on over a longer period.


Puppy Paw Up

A puppy is a blank canvas as far as training is concerned. The first few months are crucial in shaping its temperament and behaviour for the rest of its life.

Get help with establishing good habits right from the start and give your puppy a paw up for a happy life as a well behaved dog.

Set your puppy up for success for the rest of its life by helping it learn how to behave in the human world.

Prevention is always better than cure, maintaining good habits is so much easier than changing bad ones once established.

Basic training, house training, preventive measures against future problem behaviours.


Group Classes

Group classes are available on request.  If you have a small group who would like to share training sessions please get in touch to discuss arrangements.

Please note that it may not always be possible to provide group sessions unless the individual dogs have learned to socialise in groups.