About me – Jill Eason

For the Love of Dog is owned and run by Jill Eason who holds a Certificate of Canine Studies from the Seattle School of Canine Studies,Washington USA.

Jill uses positive reinforcement training to teach obedience and manners, and to modify behaviour issues.

Grounded in the science of animal learning, this is a humane and dog-friendly training method, free from pain and intimidation and fun for the dog and human.

Dogs are not born knowing how to behave in the human world, it is our responsibility as owners to teach them appropriate behaviour.

By teaching your dog how to behave rather than reacting to his behaviour, both dog and owner are more relaxed and happy.

Whether you want to stop unwanted behaviours, improve basic obedience, start a puppy out on the right paw, or just get to know your dog better, For the Love of Dog can help.

They say a dog is man’s best friend. By using reward-based training your dog will come to see you as his best friend









Learn to be a good and effective leader to your dog, this is not done by ‘dominating’ or physically punishing him, but by teaching him what to do and to look to you for guidance.


Many dogs end up in shelters because they display unwanted behaviours, most problem behaviours can be avoided or remedied with appropriate training.