August 16, 2013

Heads-up dog lovers! SPARCS (the Society for the Promotion of Applied Research in Canine Science) is holding its first conference, with some of the biggest names in canine science and behaviour speaking on a variety of topics. The conference will be held in Seattle, but wait for the best part… the entire weekend’s discussions will be available to view for FREE on the internet. I’m not sure yet if we HK people will have to stay up all night to watch in ‘real time’ or if we can get our beauty sleep and check in at our leisure, but I for one am not going to miss it, no matter how much coffee is needed.

Jill Eason has lived and worked in Hong Kong for many years. She runs 'For the Love of Dog' with the aim of helping HK's dogs and people get the best from each other. Jill holds a Certificate of Canine Studies from the Seattle School of Canine Studies, Washington USA.